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Kristina Mueller Designs

Soul Burst!

Kristina Mueller

I don't have any tattoos but the ONE that I've ever seriously considered getting was a compass with arrows pointing in EVERY DIRECTION. This was at the time in my life, a few years after high school, when I was exploring and experimenting, trying to really hone in on what I liked, who I liked, and what direction I wanted to go with my life. The problem??--I was interested in EVERYTHING, but passionate about nothing. If someone else was passionate about something I was genuinely interested in learning about why. I felt this overwhelm for wanting to go in every direction to the point where I felt like I was going to BURST into a gazillion pieces! I was interested and found beauty and excitement in so many different things yet there was nothing that significantly stood out to me.

Then, a few years later, jewelry making resurfaced in my life and for the first time I opened my mind up to the idea of being a professional artist in the form of a jeweler. It felt like this door unlocked in my brain and all of a sudden things really started to make sense to me. There was this vision, a tangible potential, which aligned with the type of person I was and the person that I wanted to develop into--like nothing else. It was kind of like there was this divided sky with this one big bright light right in the middle that I was headed towards--and totally content with doing so. 

This design stems from that place of uncertainty, of exploration, of the hunt(even if I didn't realize what it was at the time). The hunt can be overwhelming, even discouraging. My experience has taught me that it's really about uncovering yourself and being honest about who you are and what makes YOU tick inside. What are you passionate about?!? I believe that when you figure out how to align what you do with WHO YOU ARE, everything else will start to fall into place.